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Kobi Hecht

Physicist and Technology Entrepreneur

Yoach Bar-David

Physicist, Involved in


Eran Aharonson

Head of Project Department at Afeka College

Dr. Tammie Tal

Leading Chemist at

Rotal Group


Our volunteers are senior members of the scientific community and the technological industry in Israel. They are passionate about inspiring children. They meet children in their classes, introducing them the interesting-fun science aspects they know best. They try to lessen the fear of science and change misconceptions such as "science is for geeks" showing science is for everyone! Our volunteers help develop scientific materials that are accessible and child-friendly always keeping a high quality and professionalism standard. 

Dr. Omer Choresh


Clara Shikhelman

Doctoral Student in Mathematics,

Tel Aviv University

Zohar Stein

Product Consultant | Fin-Tech


Orly Segev

Operations Manager

Operations management includes accompaniment of all the products and services of the organization from start to finish, with an emphasis on improving service, control and quality.

Shiraz Meir

Pedagogic Director

The pedagogical manager is in charge of the quality control and standards of all of the content and lectures held by the organization.  

Ami Steiner

Program Manager

Ami has founded the non-profit organization, alongside six Nobel Prize winners, and an Israel Prize laureate.

As CEO, Ami is an active partner in the organization's everyday work.


Prof. Dan Shechtman

Nobel Laureate

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover

Nobel Laureate

Prof. Abraham Hershko

Nobel Laureate

Prof. Roger D Kornberg

Nobel Laureate

Prof. Arieh Warshel

Nobel Laureate

Prof. Michael Levitt

Nobel Laureate

Prof. Nili Cohen


Ami Steiner



Prof. Amnon Rubinstein

Professor of Law and member of the senior staff of Radzyner School of Law

Michel Siboni

Chief Executive Officer of Harel Insurance

Amos Nadai

Ambassador (Ret.)

Elyashiv Maller

CFO of NSLComm

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