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אנו עובדים עם ילדים בפריפריה עירונית וגיאוגרפית בישראל על מנת לעורר סקרנות ועניין בתחומי המדע והטכנולוגיה.

Our aim is to make KIDS

believe they can DO IT!

Our Programs

Learning with Scientists

A series of meetings with academic and industrial scientists, who expose children to profound and intriguing issues in science and technology, such as:

  • The role of robots in our lives

  • Are there additional forms of life in the universe?

  • The world of cyber

Learning with IDF Pilots

A series of meetings with IDF pilots, learning about the laws of physics that are implemented in aviation.

At the end of the school year the students visit an IDF Air-Force base.

Crime Scene Investigation Science

A series of meetings with forensic police investigators, expose children to secrets from the world of science-based criminal investigation, from crime scenes analysis, through weapons and ballistics investigations, to biological evidence. Scientific methods integrated into intriguing realistic crime stories fascinate children and arouse their curiosity.



Bareket Revivo,

Science Teacher

The "Learning with Scientists" lectures have enriched our students, broadened their horizons, and conveyed the perception and insight that the world of science extends far beyond what is offered in the normal curriculum. Our students have developed a profound interest in the world of science, the world of thinking, of stretching the boundaries beyond what might otherwise appear to be impossible.

Dorit Nevo,
School Headmaster,

Ofek Ramla

The Nobel program is an inspiration for students at the Ofek School in Ramle, to strive to learn and succeed in the various scientific and technological fields. Our students met with scientists and high-tech workers, often for the first time, and have realized that everything is possible.

Liora Vitus,

CEO of Yeruham


A “learning with scientists” activity looks different from an ordinary class. Students forget about recess, remain in the classroom, gathering around the scientist, volunteering in the Association, asking questions, and are obviously full of curiosity.

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Our volunteers are senior members of the scientific community and the technological industry in Israel.

They are passionate about inspiring children.  Read More

Our Team



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