About us

In the past decade, the Israeli education system has been struggling to achieve excellence in general and excellence in the sciences in particular. Since 2002, Israeli students are rated below the OECD nations’ average in the PISA tests. The number of students undertaking scientific studies in Israeli schools is on a constant decline. These trends place Israel at real risk of diluting its scientific and technological foundations, which are essential for the security and durability of Israeli society in the 21st century.

Since January 2012, Nobel Prize laureate Professor Dan Shechtman, Ami Steiner and teams of scientists and IDF pilots have been engaged in implementing programs for scientific excellence in Israeli schools. The format entails working with the school teaching staff and students throughout the year, culminating in a meeting with Professor Shechtman at the end of the school year.

During the years, six Nobel Prise Laureates and dozens of scientists and IDF pilots from all over the state, joined our activity.



Association goals

The program strengthen scientific studies in the Israeli education system in both quality and quantity. Reverse the current trends, i.e. - increase the number of Israeli high school students graduating with 5 units (the highest level) in science and mathematics; and encourage students to undertake the study of science out of interest, curiosity and motivation to integrate into the 21st century world of academia and industry.

The program accompanies the children throughout their schooling, from elementary school to high school.